Greetings & welcome to my website!

I am an Enterprise Architect with HCL Software specializing in enterprise endpoint automation, compliance, configuration & security with BigFix and a focus on large-enterprises & Linux based operating systems.

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, I've been based outside Cincinnati, Ohio, USA for the past decade. I started my IT career back in the mid-1990's in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA while still attending Purdue University.

When I was an independent consultant, I focused on technologies for small businesses such as Preventive Maintenance Services, Customized Consulting Services, Website Development & Design Services, cloud migration services. I excel at providing IT infrastructure design, implementation, migration, and management solutions for the Linux/Unix and when necessary Apple and Microsoft environments.

My Mission: To establish long-term relationships with my customers that are built on trust and collaboration, allowing me to provide an increase in return-on-investment for their technology services through the use of creative, industry-standard, and leading-edge solutions.

I have spent the last twenty years immersing myself within the Open Source and Linux ecosystems, while the last nine years have been a whirlwind of learning and implementing nearly every facet of BigFix for organizations of all sizes across the globe.


Automates discovery, management, and remediation of all endpoints whether on-premises, mobile, virtual, or in the cloud - regardless of the operating system, location, or connectivity. With BigFix, you can manage every endpoint. Click here to learn more about BigFix.

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For more information, please contact me at:

Snailmail: PO Box 417, Harrison, Ohio 45030
Telephone: 513.278.8290


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