What the hell is a BigFox?

BigFox is the nickname for our tiny home and is the amalgamation of BigFix & Arctic Fox. While that maybe a little cheesy for some... it makes me smile. In any event, the BigFox is based on a fully-customized 2016 Northwood Arctic Fox 31D travel trailer.

To set the stage, we lived tiny for the 1st time between 2018 and 2019 after selling our home in Hidden Valley Lake outside Cincinnati, Ohio and while looking for a new "sticks & bricks" home. After spending two years in what we thought was our "sticks & bricks" dream home, we ultimately realized that we missed living tiny and decided to make the change permenantly.

After selling our "sticks & bricks" home in mid-2021, we moved back into our 2018 Keystone Montana High Country 385BR camper. While it's a decent camper... it's over 40-feet long, 13.5-feet tall and has 4 large slides, which makes getting into national and state parks almost impossible. Plus the MHC-385BR is heavy (GVWR 16,500lbs) and about as aerodynamic as a lego... which means abismal fuel economy.

So we started looking at alternatives and originally believed we'd need to commission a custom coach via ATC Trailers or similar. However, once we got a rough price tag... we had to reevulate our options. I started looking for used bunkhouse travel trailers models that had the potential to be converted to meet our needs.

2016 Northwood Arctic Fox Classic 31D

Fortunately I stubmled across a RVTrader ad for the one and only Northwood Arctic Fox 31D for sale in the entire lower 48 at Broadmoor RV Superstore in beautiful Pasco, Washington. My wife and I worked with Marta at Broadmoor RV Superstore and in December 2021 I made the 4,700+ mile round trip to & from Washington state to pickup our new tiny home in just 5 & 1/2 days! It was a daunting and exhausting experience to say the least!

Prior to making the trip out to Washington state to pickup the BigFox... I started designing the new king-size-bed platform that also serves as storage and where our off-grid power system from Battle Born Batteries is located. We were fortunate in that Battle Born was having their CyberMonday event when I ordered our Battle Born Batteries and Victron Energy components.

Battle Born Batteries, Explorist.life, Mobile Must Have and Victron Energy components

Minus a few odds and ends, I purchased all of the cabling kits from Explorist.life store as they really have their stuff together with respects to breaking out everything that you'll need to successfully install your expensive, shiny, new off-grid power system.

I also designed a custom, dualing desk setup that replaced the sofa & bunk in the secondary slide that's across from the IT & storage center that used to be another bunkbed. So now that my mobile office layout was solid... this is where MobileMustHave really came through for us because we both work full-time from the road.

My custom dualing-desks setup inside a bunkhouse slide.

To maximize our investment, we first became MMH members for the discounts & extras, and then immediately purchased their Speed Demon 5G Mobile Internet Bundle with all the goodies including the T-Mobile based P800 data plan for all our remote work & streaming entertainment needs.

So that's it? Well of course not... the BigFox is a work-in-progress... and we're just getting started! However, the above is all that I've been able to take pictures of and document thuse far. Presently we're wrapping up the first of several rounds of upgrades to the BigFox. Up next is a partial bathroom remodel to give me more room in the shower and switching to a composting toilet for less water usage & greater ability to boondock for longer periods.

Stay tuned for more updates & pictures... or follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn and/or Twitter and don't forget to follow the #BigFoxCamper hash tag.


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You're probably asking, "what the hell is BigFox"... and that's a fair question. BigFox is the nickname we've given our 2016 Northwood Arctic Fox 31D travel trailer that we've customized to be our tiny home & in support of our full-time RV travels. Click here to read more about the BigFox

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